• Deliver the most-complete logbook with tons of features
  • Focus on intuitive design and user-friendly functionalities (a single click of the button)
  • Run cross-platform and combine any device (Windows / Mac / iOS / Android  / Blackberry / Amazon)
  • Enable logging of all kinds of flying (fixed wing, rotorcraft, ultra-light, ballooning, gliders and even drones)
  • Be compatible all kinds of regulations (FAA, CAA, EASA, ICAO), both civil and military aviation
  • Interact with other applications from the CrewLounge Suite, and external apps.
Airfield Database
CrewLounge PILOTLOG installs with a worldwide airfield database with more than 40,000 major airports, but also heliports, hospital roofs, ballooning sites, glider and ultra-light strips, and air force bases.
Pilot Database
QuickSearch the database straight from the desktop Home page to find any airfield, pilot or aircraft tail number.
Flight Time Limits
User defined Flight Time Limits, Duty Time Limits and Flat Rate are displayed in table and graph.
Import Wizard
Whether you have been recording your flights in a self-made Excel spreadsheet for the past ten years or you want to transfer your database from another electronic logbook, you can import your records with a few mouse clicks.
Extra Features
Certificates & Proficiencies
CrewLounge PILOTLOG monitors all your certificates and currencies, including minimum IFR or Night time, minimum number of autolands or ILS approaches, airfield qualifications, license renewal dates, medical and passport expiration, and many more… The notification period is user selectable. Monitoring and alerts are synched with your mobile device.
Query Filter
When was your last flight with that co-pilot ? How many hours did I log in the past fiscal year ? How many hours did I log as instructor in the simulator ?
The Query page enables you to query the database with a few clicks and get the results within a second.
Main Menu
The Home page offers immediate access to major functions, like Flight Duty & Currency monitoring, Database Search and Flight logging. You can log a new flight in seconds.
Print Logbook
Print your logbook in any of the 80 different formats. If your country is not listed, contact the Help Desk to have the format added.
Forms, Reports, Charts
CrewLounge PILOTLOG comes with more than 150 stunning reports and official reports, like FAA-8710 and CA-27, CA-39, UK-1183
Plot your flight routes on Google Maps or SkyVector, look-up airfields on Google Earth, find oceans and mountains on built-in topographical charts
Andre Veasey
All Nippon Airways

I wish I had discovered your logbook service earlier, I just signed up for the enterprise version and your amazing customer service was a big reason. Keep up the good work.

Alistaire Gray
Alastair Gray
First Officer

Thank you, that’s amazing. I knew it would not be too difficult but I was looking somewhere in settings for it. I have also managed to not include my overtime by excluding certain things from remarks which I wasn’t even expecting it to be possible!

Akhsat Khanna
Akshat Khanna
SkyWest Airlines
First Officer

I understand technology can give troubles as it’s just the machine thing but I appreciate your customer service and your time and caring for your customers. I will surely recommend you to fellow pilots. Thanks

Pieter Willem Christiaan Akkerman
Pieter Willem Christiaan Akkerman
Aegean Airlines

With the new update, it works perfectly again! Definitely NOT writing in a logbook anymore with help of your software )))! Great software and service, keep up that good work!

Michael Lifton
Michael Lifton
JetBlue Airways
First Officer

I want to take a moment to thank the whole team that worked on this. Your dedication and personal attention means a lot to me. You all exceeded my expectations in helping me achieve my goals. Thanks again!