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Is CrewLounge PILOTLOG is the electronic pilot logbook I have been looking for… ? Does it run on my desktop and phone ?  Can I use it for my type of flying ? Is the price affordable ?

These are probably the most important questions on your mind right now.  So, let us try to answer those straight away !

CrewLounge PILOTLOG is a complete electronic logbook for any kind of flying, whether you log 10 hours a year or 10 hours on a single day.  The main desktop program runs cross-platform on Windows and Mac.

Native apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Amazon Kindle enable you to record flight data onboard the aircraft. Again, no continuous internet required, these apps run their own database. As soon as you have access to internet, the database automatically synchronizes with the cloud.  Data transfer is wireless, there is no need to connect your device with a cable, no additional cloud setup or drive sync.  All you need is internet wifi, and we take care of the rest.

Are you flying fixed-wing, helicopter, balloon, glider ?  Civil, Military, Rescue or just for fun ?  We’ve got you covered ! You can log over 60 items on a single flight, such as cross-country time, solo, aerobatics, PICus, Cruise Relief pilot time as well as the full crew list, number of passengers, Fuel, Delay Codes, de-icing, type of operation (FAR 121, HEMS, NVG) and many more.

Our mission is to deliver the most comprehensive and user-friendly logbook software.  The bugs that come with it, are included in the price. (anyone else claiming to deliver bug-free software should make your eyebrows knit)  Therefor, the software is only as good as the support you get ! We take pride in excellent customer service. Our support team is available 24/7, also on public holidays.

With over a thousand pilots joining us every month, we believe to deliver a solid software application and reliable customer support.  We try to go the extra mile every day !

If you’d like to know more about our pricing possibilities take a look here.

Main Menu

The Home page offers immediate access to major functions, like Flight Duty & Currency monitoring, Database Search and Flight logging. You can log a new flight in seconds.

Airfield Database

CrewLounge PILOTLOG installs with a worldwide airfield database with more than 40,000 major airports, but also heliports, hospital roofs, ballooning sites, glider and ultra-light strips, and air force bases. If you operate into special regions, such as the North Pole, the Maldives Islands, Safari Lodges in Africa, Oil Rigs in the North Sea, you can install additional special airfield packages.

Sunrise-Sunset are calculated for any place and any date. Time Zone, Local Time and DST (Daylight Savings Time) rules are also displayed in the software. Get live weather METAR – TAFOR and NOTAMS.

Certificates & Proficiencies

CrewLounge PILOTLOG monitors all your certificates and currencies, including minimum IFR or Night time, minimum number of autolands or ILS approaches, airfield qualifications, license renewal dates, medical and passport expiration, and many more… The notification period is user selectable. Monitoring and alerts are synched with your mobile device.

Pilot Database

QuickSearch the database straight from the desktop Home page to find any airfield, pilot or aircraft tail number.

Impress your fellow pilot by recalling your last conversation. Store private information, such as flying history, living place, family members and hobbies in the database. All data is automatically synched with your mobile phone.

Having a hard time remembering faces ; use your mobile phone to make a snapshot of your fellow pilot. The picture is automatically synced to all other devices that run CrewLounge PILOTLOG.  Store unlimited pictures on CrewLounge Cloud with the ENT+ Edition.

Flight Time Limits

User defined Flight Time Limits, Duty Time Limits and Flat Rate are displayed in table and graph. In combination with myQuery you can actually monitor display any kind of flight time limit, such as :

“I am an instructor on Boeing 747. My flat rate pay runs from October 1st till the 30th of September next year and includes all flights on the 747 aircraft and all simulator sessions performed as instructor. Simulator time to renew my own license does not account for my flat rate and must be left out.”

Query Filter

When was your last flight with that co-pilot ? How many hours did I log in the past fiscal year ? How many hours did I log as instructor in the simulator ?
The Query page enables you to query the database with a few clicks and get the results within a second.

With the Advanced myQuery function, you can build and save complex queries, such as ‘’the number of mountain landings performed on twin-engine turbofan helicopter between August 1st and December 31st’’ or ‘’relief time logged on Airbus 330/340 series during Atlantic and Pacific Ocean crossings’’… These complex queries can be saved and then ported to any of the 100 reports !

Forms, Reports, Charts

CrewLounge PILOTLOG comes with more than 150 stunning reports. Select any report from the list and hit the Print key. All reports are available as PDF.

Print reports for AirlineApps.com and PilotCredentials.com or a detailed overview of all Layovers in outstation (RON – Remain OverNight / NightStops) for your tax declaration, all with a single click of the button.

Print official forms, like CA-27, CA-39, FAA-8710 and UK-1183.  Export your data in electronic format, for submission to the local authorities (e.g. India eGCA).

Import Wizard

Whether you have been recording your flights in a self-made Excel spreadsheet for the past ten years or you want to transfer your database from another electronic logbook, you can import your records with a few mouse clicks.

CrewLounge PILOTLOG imports records from nearly 50 other electronic logbooks, such as Safelog, Logbook Pro, Coradine LogTen Pro and many more – view the complete list. You can submit your data file for conversion.

If you do not have your flying experience in digital format, but as handwritten logbook only, you can insert your previous flying experience as simply as “200 hours on Cessna 172” and “3500 hours on Embraer 170”…

You find companies that specialize in scanning handwritten logbooks. We do not offer this service ourselves, however for your convenience, we have listed some companies here.

Print Logbook

It’s about time to print your logbook : select any of the 80 different formats. If your country is not listed, contact the Help Desk to have the format added.

Here are a few sample formats: View

Capture your instructor’s signature on your mobile phone. Endorsements are automatically synced to the main desktop application and printed in your paper logbook (or electronic PDF).


Plot your flight routes on Google Maps or SkyVector, and zoom-in to airfields on Google Earth.

CrewLounge PILOTLOG comes with beautiful high-definition topographical maps displaying the location of any airfield, surrounding cities, mountain, rivers and deepest spots in the ocean.