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Thank you for considering CrewLounge PILOTLOG as your new pilot logbook. We insist that you first install, test and use the free software!  We want you to be 100% satisfied before you pay for any subscription.

You may as well stay with the free Student Edition for as long as you want!  The Student Edition is a complete logbook, not a 30-day trial, but free forever !  We started as cadet-pilots ourselves (that was actually long ago, when we were still young and attractive).

You want to import your roster with the Airline Interface?  It’s included in all Editions, even in the free plan!  No separate purchase, no additional charges!  If your airline is not listed, just drop us a note and we’ll try to add it.


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Complete Logbook

Log 100 flights
on desktop / mobile

Print 60 official logbook formats
and 50 different reports

40,000 airfields database
Google® Earth® projection

Import your database
from 50 other logbooks
(unlimited records)

Store 50 images (*)
(max size 2 MB)

Cloud Database Backup
(1 backup file)

unlimited in time

no credit card needed

all updates included

free support

most popular
Most Popular
per month

Everything in  ‘STUDENT’

Log unlimited flight
and duty records

Print 20 official Forms
for the authorities

Create advanced
Database Queries

Store 300 images (*)
(max size 2 MB)

Cloud Database Backup
(10 backup files)

all taxes included

billed annually

get 20% discount
on 5 year plan

per month

Everything in  ‘ENTERPRISE’

Unlimited number of
images and endorsements

High Resolution
image storage

Cloud Database Backup

(20 backup files)

all taxes included

billed annually

get 20% discount
on 5 year plan

Aviation Companies
for Aviation Companies
per month

Individual logbook for
each flight crew member

Central logbook reporting
for all flight crew members

API Data Sync with
crew management system

billed to the company

contact us for a quote

(*) images include pilot pictures, endorsement signatures, invoices & receipts, and any other media files


Pricing in the mobile app stores is different (30% more expensive) from pricing on this page!
Order through our website (here) to enjoy the lowest pricing.

Visit the FAQ section for any questions you may have regarding subscription, pricing and payment.