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STD – Student

Desktop & Mobile

The STD Edition is a FREE software with all basic functions you may expect from an electronic pilot logbook

Since we’ve never liked time-limited product trials, you can use our free Student Edition and use it forever. There is however a limit on the number of flights you log or how long you use the application.

The STD Edition offers the following functions :

  • store a maximum of 100 flight records and simulator sessions
  • basic database search and query
  • airfield database with over 40,000 airfields worldwide, including ICAO-IATA codes, geographic coordinates, time zone / local time / DST rules
  • pilot database (keep track of fellow pilots, instructors and examiners)
  • import your airline flight roster from nearly 100 crew management systems (AIMS, TOPS, FOIP, NetLine, Sabre AirCrews, FLiCA, etc) and more than 350 airlines worldwide (view list with Airline Companies)
  • print your logbook on paper, on self-adhesive labels (see demo) or save as PDF.  Choose any of the 50 pre-coded logbook formats, such as Jeppesen, ASA SP and several official state publications
  • print several reports with a wide range of breakdowns
  • log flight expenses
  • collect endorsement signatures
  • stores up to 50 images (pilot pictures, endorsement signatures, invoices & receipts, any other media or files), max image size 2MB
  • import your flight records from 50 other electronic logbook applications (Safelog, LogTen Pro, Logbook Pro, …) or from your self-made Excel sheet
  • export data to various formats, like Excel, CSV and PDF
  • Cloud database Sync (up to 5 devices) and database backup (1 backup file only)

If you’re happy with our FREE edition, please carry on.  You receive the same support and the same updates as all other plans. When you need more options, like the airline interface or cloud backup, you can easily upgrade to one of our premium tiers any time later.

PRO – Professional

Desktop Only

The PRO Edition unlocks all functions from the desktop application

The PRO edition includes all items listed for the free STD Edition and the following additional features :

  • store an unlimited number of flight records and simulator sessions
  • build and store advanced database queries
  • automatic night time calculation (whether you accomplish a short domestic flight or you cross the Atlantic or Polar regions)
  • automatic calculation of flight allowances (sector pay –per diems), aircraft rent, pilot salary and instructor fees in different money currencies
  • currency monitoring and alerting (minimum number of landings, license expiry, airfield qualifications, passport, medical license, etc)
  • print over 100 stunning reports (view sample)
  • print official forms for your local aviation authorities, such as FAA-8710 (view sample), UK-1183 and CA-39 (10 full page logbook formats, or create your own layout)
  • split flights into 2 separate logbooks, to keep professional and private flying apart
  • display any airfield or flight route on Google Earth
  • connect airfields to Wikipedia, US AirNav and SkyVector
  • retrieve METAR / TAF weather and NOTAMS for any airfield or flight route
  • automatic database backup to any removable memory device or network drive and to the Cloud (up to 5 backup files)


Note :   Roster download (online Airline Interface) is only available through the mobile apps.  Offline file import is available on the desktop for a limited number of airlines.  Check out the list on the desktop Settings – Airline Interface page!

ENT – Entreprise

Desktop & Mobile

The ENT Edition unlocks all functions from the desktop & mobile apps

The ENT edition includes all items listed for the STD + PRO Edition and the following additional features :

  • capture endorsement signatures via your mobile phone
  • store up to 300 images  (pilot pictures, endorsement signatures, invoices & receipts, any other media or files), max image size 2MB
  • automatic online database backup to the CrewLounge Cloud (20 backups)

ENT+  Entreprise Plus

Desktop & Mobile

The ENT+ Edition is the ultimate experience with CrewLounge PILOTLOG

With the ENT+ Edition your images are no longer truncated to below 2 MB, but the highest resolution is preserved.  And, you can store an unlimited number of images on CrewLounge Cloud.

  • Note : when upgrading from PRO or ENT to the ENT+ Edition, the resolution for previously uploaded images is not restored.  You can upload the images again with high quality.