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CrewLounge PILOTLOG comes in 3 Editions.
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STD – Student


ENT – Enterprise

Most popular

ENT+ Enterprise Plus

The ultimate

BIZ – Business

Company & Training Academy

Enterprise Plus

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The ultimate


Company &
Training Academy


Use the desktop app (Mac / Windows) and the mobile app (iOS / Android)

5 devices
5 devices
5 devices
company and/or personal devices

Flight & Duty logging

Record your flights on aircraft, glider, rotorcraft, ballooning, ultralight, UAV, drones, and also your simulator training (FFS, FTD, etc)

100 flight records

Mass Edit

Use the mass-edit function on the desktop to update all records with a single click


Night Time

Automatic night time calculation, including Atlantic and Polar crossings, and ultra-long flights (above 14 hours)

Flight Configuration

You can log more than 60 different items per single flight record, such as airfields, aircraft registration, function time, autoland, etc.  You can set-up another 4 user time fields and 3 special fields.

Pilot database

Keep track of fellow pilots, instructors and examiners

Airfield database

Preloaded with 42,000 airfields worldwide (ICAO-IATA, location, time zone, DST rules, etc)

Special Airfields

Free download extra packages for oil rigs, safari lodges, navy aircraft carriers, sea port islands, north pole expedition sites, etc

Weather & Notams

Retrieve METAR / TAF weather and NOTAMS / SNOWTAMS for any airfield or flight route

Flight Expenses

Log flight expenses for aircraft rental, hotel overnight, landing fees, medical exam, license renewal, etc

Flight Allowances

Automatic calculation of flight allowances (sector pay, per diems, pilot salary, instructor fee, etc) in different money currencies

Basic Search

Search your database for basic matches (e.g. last flight with a certain pilot or a certain aircraft)

Advanced Querying

Search the database on the desktop with complex criteria (e.g. all flights with A320 in last 90 days where I logged instructor time or, or all flights with Night Vision Goggles on helicopter, or all hours on dual engine turboprop over 5,700 kg, etc)  (desktop only)

ACARS Data Capture

Capture a picture of your ACARS display and all OOOI hours go straight in your logbook (iOS only)

ADS-B Live Data

Retrieve live flight data from the ADS-B network, with a single click of the button straight in your logbook.

10 calls per month
30 calls per month
60 calls per month
100 calls per month

Proficiency monitoring

Automatic monitoring and alerting for minimum number of landings, airfield qualifications, aircraft currency, autoland, 60 different approach types (LNAV, CAT3, GNSS, …), etc

Certificate monitoring

Automatic monitoring and alerting for license expiry date, airfield qualifications, passport, medical license, etc

Flight & Duty Time Limits

Automatic monitoring and alerting for flight time limits, duty time limits and flat rate exceedance

Logbook Printing

Choose from more than 60 built-in logbook formats, such as Jeppesen, ASA and official state publications. Print your logbook on paper, on self-adhesive labels or save as PDF file.  Digitally sign your logbook with your signature.

Full Size Logbook

Print your logbook on full size DIN A4 / US Letter paper, and configure your own design.

Double Logbook

Split flights into 2 separate logbooks, to keep professional and private flying apart

Basic Reporting

Print 50 reports with different breakdowns

Advanced Reports & Graphs

Print another 75 stunning reports and graph charts

State Official Forms

Print 20 official forms (FAA-8710, UK-1183, CA-39, …) with a single mouse-click, and submit the forms to your local aviation authorities for license renewal

Google® Earth®

View any airfield or plot your flight route on Google® Maps® and Google® Earth®

Endorsement Signatures

Capture endorsement signatures on your mobile phone.  Instructor sign-offs are then printed straight in your logbook.

max. 50
max size 2MB
max. 300
max size 2MB
unlimited number
high resolution

Images & Documents

Attach images (pilot pictures, endorsement signatures, invoices & receipts, any other media or files) and store in the cloud

max. 50
max size 2MB
max. 300
max size 2MB
unlimited number
high resolution

Import from another Logbook

Import your database from 50 other electronic logbook applications (Safelog, LogTen Pro, Logbook Pro, …) or from your self-made Excel sheet.


Export Data

Export your data to various industry standard formats, like XLS, CSV and PDF

Database Backup

Desktop hard-disk failure ?  We have your back !

1 backup
(last db)
10 backup
(last 10 db)
20 backup
(last 20 db)