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Popular Questions

This page covers some commercial questions for the CrewLounge PILOTLOG application.
For questions about your CrewLounge AERO account, continue on the main AERO – FAQ page.

Users of mccPILOTLOG find some additional questions at the bottom of this page.

Why subscriptions ?

Do you remember the last time you purchased your favorite song on a Compact Disc, or a Vinyl Record if you have my age ?

Not so many years ago, you would buy music on a CD and have the whole collection on the wall. That has changed. Today you download and listen to music “as a service”. You no longer actually hold a hard copy of the song on-a-disk, you simply stream music on-the-go.

When we launched mccPILOTLOG ten years ago, we actually shipped a few Installation CD’s to our very first customers. Sounds like pre-history today, yep

Similar to streaming music, today’s computer programs are turned into “software-as-a-service” (“SaaS“). You no longer need to buy the original application and then pay for new major updates. Instead, you pay for a service, which includes the software, all updates, backups, cloud sync and helpdesk support. You pay according to your needs, when you need it and as long as you need it.

The CrewLounge Suite comes as-a-service to all customers. Engage the modules you need, receive all updates, and terminate your subscription whenever you no longer require our services.

This logbook may look like a simple app, but there are actually more than twenty full-time programmers and helpdesk agents behind it! And another handful of freelancers assist us with building the website, creating video-tutorials, and maintaining cloud servers… Recurring revenues are needed to finance our business and ensure the company’s long-term health. There is no secret, just look around and notice that most logbook software providers disappear after a few years, as soon the cost of updates exceed the revenues through new one-time sales. We are here to stay !

Do not hesitate to compare our prices with those of our main competitors. You’ll notice that we offer much more functionality and flexibility for only a fraction of their list prices !

How to subscribe to CrewLounge PILOTLOG ?

If you are new to CREWLOUNGE, you must first create your CrewLounge User Account – Sign-up for Free and use your account for all CrewLounge AERO modules and the aviation supplies SHOP.

Prior to paying for our services, we highly recommend to first download, install and run the free Student Edition of CrewLounge PILOTLOG ! Do NOT subscribe if you are not fully satisfied with what you see ! Should that be the case, please drop us a note and tell us about it. Your feedback and comments are very valuable to us !

If you are using another electronic logbook, you should first import all records from the old database into CrewLounge PILOTLOG, prior to purchasing any subscription! The Import Wizard is available in all editions, including the free Student Edition ! Continue here to import your other logbook.

So, finally, if you are eager to start with CrewLounge PILOTLOG, activate your subscription here.

What happens when my subscription runs out ?

The CrewLounge PILOTLOG software continues to run in the free Student Edition. No data is lost, you have full access to all of your data. And you continue to receive all latest software updates.

In the Student Edition several advanced functions are not available. These functions become available as soon as you restore your subscription.

Any discount for Student Pilots ? Can I use PILOTLOG for free ?

CrewLounge PILOTLOG comes in 4 editions :

  • STD : Student Edition
  • PRO : Professional Edition
  • ENT : Enterprise Edition
  • ENT+ : Entreprise Plus Edition

The Student Edition is totally free. You can log a maximum of 100 flight records, print your logbook and access a limited number of reports. Some advanced functions, like the Airline Roster import, are not available in this Edition.

The Student Edition is a free service to student pilots and general aviation pilots. You can use the Student Edition for as long as you want, there is no trial period. And you receive the same top-level support from our Helpdesk.

Read more about the different editions on the Editions page.

Are Taxes included in the price ?

We have your question covered on the main AERO – FAQ page.

How to upgrade my plan to ENT or ENT+

You can upgrade to any higher Edition, at any time.

To upgrade your current plan, no payment is needed. Instead, we will reduce the remaining days of your current period in proportion to the difference in price.

The price for the ENT+ edition is about double of the price for the PRO edition. If your current PRO plan runs for another 186 days, we will upgrade your account to the ENT+ edition and bring the expiration date back to 93 days.

When you upgrade to a higher plan, your current term is rearranged as follows :

  • from PRO to ENT : remaining days are reduced by 40%
  • from PRO to ENT+ : remaining days are reduced by 50%
  • from ENT to ENT+ : remaining days are reduced by 20%

To upgrade your plan, login to My CrewLounge and press the UPGRADE PILOTLOG button on the My Account tab.

Downgrade is not possible. If you want to downgrade your plan, you’ll have to wait until the current plan runs out, and then choose any lower plan.

Note for Lifetime Users

The above logic does not apply to former mccPILOTLOG users with a lifetime user license.

Free upgrade to a higher plan is/was only provided through the grandfathering program in Q2-2019. For upgrades after the grandfathering program, we charge 5 years of the difference in price.

You hold a lifetime PRO license, and you want to upgrade to ENT :
We charge [ENT price – PRO price] * 5 years
Your new plan is now valid for lifetime.

Verify the Pricing page. Contact us for a payment invitation.

I am using PILOTLOG and CONNECT together

CrewLounge PILOTLOG is a pilot logbook application on the desktop with mobile companion apps. Use PILOTLOG to log Flight records, Simulator sessions and Drone flights. You can additionally log Duty Time and monitor your limits. There is no export (anymore) to the mobile phone’s Calendar app.

CrewLounge CONNECT is a mobile app for Pilots and Cabin Crew to download your flight schedule straight from the airline’s crew web portal. CONNECT imports ALL events, including ground duties, hotel overnights and weekend days. All duties are exported to your mobile phone’s Calendar app.

You can use both apps with a single CrewLounge User Account. However, each app comes with a separate user license and individual pricing.

Both applications connect to your airline crew web portal. PILOTLOG connects only through the desktop, whereas CONNECT connects straight from your phone. When you import your flight roster with one app, records will also show in the other app !

Can I run PILOTLOG on multiple computers / phones / tablets ?

CrewLounge PILOTLOG runs cross-platform on desktop (Windows PC, Windows Surface, Mac OS, MacBook) and on mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon, Blackberry). We do no longer support Windows Phone, we do not support Linux.

You can run CrewLounge PILOTLOG on 5 different devices, even with the free Student Edition. You can combine any type of device, like synching your iPad with Windows Surface, or using a Blackberry phone with the Macbook. Notice that the Professional Edition can only run on desktop.

My partner and I are both pilots. Can we run PILOTLOG on the same desktop ?

Yes, you can run a double installation of CrewLounge PILOTLOG on a single desktop or laptop. Guidelines for double installation are listed on the SUPPORT pages.

Each pilot must use its own CrewLounge User Account ! You cannot use a single account nor a single license for multiple pilots.

Does this software run any background process that slows down my computer ?

CrewLounge PILOTLOG does NOT run any resident background process for data synchronization or software updates.

The software searches for new updates a few seconds after you launch the application. When a new update is found, a message is displayed in the right upper corner of the Home page. New updates install itself on the next start of the application. You do not need to reboot the computer.

Cloud synchronisation does not run in the background either. The desktop application only connects to the Cloud when the app is running.

Can I import my database from another logbook ?

CrewLounge PILOTLOG imports data from more than 50 other electronic logbook applications. The Import Wizard is available in all editions of CrewLounge PILOTLOG.

The database from the other logbook must first be converted, before data can be imported into CrewLounge PILOTLOG. Submit your request through the website, our team will assist you. Database conversion is a free service to all customers, without any obligation to purchase our software. In fact, the opposite is true ! We highly recommend to NOT pay for CrewLounge PILOTLOG, until you first import your old database and try-out the free Student Edition !

If you record flight hours in a self-made Excel Sheet, our Helpdesk will assist you too. Or, if you prefer to convert the Excel file yourself, follow the guidelines in this SUPPORT solution.

Can you scan and import my handwritten logbook ?

CrewLounge PILOTLOG offers various methods to log your previous flying experience in the database.

You can log totals per aircraft model, like 200 hours on Cessna 172 and 1400 hours on Airbus 320.

Or, you can import data from more than 50 other electronic pilot logbook applications, or from your self-made Excel Sheet.

We do not offer any scanning or typewriting services. There are other companies that specialize in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and type-writing services for pilots. The results of OCR range from fair to poor, depending on the quality of the scanned images, the color of ink that was used and the readability of your handwriting. We have listed some external companies on the Logbook Binding / scanning page.

Is CrewLounge PILOTLOG accepted by the Authorities ?

Each aviation authority (basically each country) individually defines the format how pilots must log and report their flying experience.

Some authorities require that pilots record their flying experience in the state’s official and only format. Most authorities also accept other formats, such as paper logbooks from Jeppesen and ASA. Only a handful of aviation administrations allow pilots to prove their flying experience with a loose-leaf printed bundle or an electronic PDF report. Contact your aviation authorities to find out.

CrewLounge PILOTLOG (all free and paid editions) comes built-in with more than 60 official state and other popular formats, all printable with a single mouse-click. If your country is not listed, contact us to have it added.

CrewLounge PILOTLOG does not intend to – and should not be used to – reproduce logbooks from Jeppesen, ASA or other publishers. You must always buy the original paper logbook and use CrewLounge PILOTLOG to print self-adhesive labels that fit in these logbooks !

If your administration accepts loose-leaf printed logbooks, you can print your logbook straight from CrewLounge PILOTLOG by choosing any of the 10 built-in full-page layouts (DIN A4 and US Letter).

If your authority accepts electronic files, you can generate a PDF and sign-off with your own handwritten signature. The PDF includes all endorsement signatures that you have captured with your mobile phone !

I forgot my password

We have your question covered on the main AERO – FAQ page.

I forgot my email address

We have your question covered on the main AERO – FAQ page.

I want to change my email address

We have your question covered on the main AERO – FAQ page.

I want to terminate my subscription

We are sorry to see you go. If you are not satisfied with the software, please first contact us and let us know what is bothering you. Your satisfaction is most important to us ! We want all customers to fully enjoy our applications and the support that comes with it.

Your subscription for CrewLounge PILOTLOG will automatically terminate at the end of the running period. Subscriptions are never renewed automatically.

A refund on the current subscription period is not possible. Kindly read the Terms & ConditionsRefund Policy for more details.

When your subscription terminates, your account with CrewLounge remains active, without any charges. If you want to delete your account, go to my.crewlounge.center and shutdown your account from there. If you need any help, please do contact us.

I have another question

If you have a commercial question regarding the CrewLounge Suite, contact us.

If you encounter technical problems with the installation or the use of CrewLounge PILOTLOG, you will certainly find the answer in the SUPPORT knowledge base. Or, take a look at the How To Video Tutorials.

Migrate from mccPILOTLOG

I paid for mccPILOTLOG, do I have to pay again ?

We keep our word, your license for mccPILOTLOG remains valid ! You have paid for a lifetime use of mccPILOTLOG, so you can continue to using mccPILOTLOG as long as you want. We do not shutdown the application, we do not shutdown the mccCLOUD servers. We do not terminate support, you continue to receiving the same support as before.

We only terminate further updating and bug fixing. mccPILOTLOG continues to run “as is”.  External changes (such as the airline crew portal, or the operating system on your desktop or mobile) may eventually render the application unusable.  We cannot be held responsible for that.

Our team is now focusing on the CrewLounge AERO Suite, a completely new platform created with the latest coding technologies and security protocols. CrewLounge PILOTLOG, as part of the CrewLounge AERO Suite, is the new pilot logbook to replace mccPILOTLOG. CrewLounge PILOTLOG is subscription based, we do no longer offer one-time payments.

We invite all pilots with a lifetime license for mccPILOTLOG to migrate and enjoy the new CrewLounge AERO Suite ! We certainly understand that you are reluctant to switching to a subscription plan. We have GOOD news for you : You don’t !

Contrary to our competitors, that either ceased to exist, or that canceled all license keys and forced users into a subscription plan, we offer grandfathering rights to all users of mccPILOTLOG ! You can now migrate your lifetime license from mccPILOTLOG to CrewLounge PILOTLOG with a one-time contribution ! Buy 3 years and get Lifetime ! No subscription, no extra charges ! We will also pay the VAT for you !

That’s true ! All pilots with a lifetime license for mccPILOTLOG can now transfer their license to the new CrewLounge PILOTLOG application and be excluded from subscriptions, for lifetime! This offer is limited in time !

As a bonus, you receive a free 1-year license for the popular calendar app CrewLounge CONNECT (value 12.00 EUR) !

So, here is our offer :

  • purchase 3 years of the new CrewLounge PILOTLOG software (*)
  • get 10% immediate discount (for 3-year orders)
  • get another 20% discount (that is, we will pay the VAT applicable to your country)
  • transfer your Lifetime license to CrewLounge PILOTLOG (be excluded from subscriptions)
  • upgrade to a higher Edition ENT or the new ENT+ (even if you are on PRO today)
  • get 1 year free use of our popular roster app CrewLounge CONNECT

This is a temporary offer, we hold the right to terminate this offer at any time !

(*) Pilots that purchased mccPILOTLOG in 2019, can upgrade with paying only 1-year subscription to CrewLounge AERO.

What do you mean with “upgrade to ENT or the new ENT+”

Honoring your lifetime license, means that you would stay in the current Edition.

With a ‘standard grandfathering’ program, your license key for the mccPILOTLOG – PRO Edition would turn into the CrewLounge PILOTLOG – PRO Edition. Any upgrade in the old or new software would be charged extra, as shown here :

We are breaking that open for our loyal customers. If you are interested in switching to another Edition, you do not pay the upgrade. You can now upgrade to ENT or ENT+, without paying the upgrade fee. Simply choose and pay for the desired new Edition, and that is the edition you will get, as follows :

Checkout the Editions page to find out what Edition suits you best.

Why would I switch from mccPILOTLOG to CrewLounge PILOTLOG

CrewLounge PILOTLOG is the new logbook to replace mccPILOTLOG. This is not just a major software update ! CrewLounge PILOTLOG is a completely new application.

mccPILOTLOG was built on a 32-bit architecture using older programming languages. The new CrewLounge Suite is using 64-bit technology and the latest cloud sync security protocols.

We decided to build a complete new platform and eliminate many issues which made mccPILOTLOG often cumbersome to use. After adding new functions for the past 10 years, it was time to restart from scratch and rebuild the application on new fundaments.

We kept the user interface almost identical. It may look like there is nothing new… But there are actually more than 500 improvements that come with the new software, all based on your experience, comments and suggestions. Your feedback proved to be very valuable to us !

The most important change is data synchronization. Each device can now run the logbook by itself. You would still use the desktop application for advanced database functions and all printing functions. We are slowly moving those functions to the cloud, making the desktop redundant in the future.

Another major step is the synchronization between different apps PILOTLOG and CONNECT. Downloading your roster with one of the applications, will automatically show in the other app too. As from Version 5.2, you do no longer need the desktop to import your flight schedule. Import your airline roster with the CONNECT app on your mobile and have all records listed in PILOTLOG too !

Major differences between mccPILOTLOG and CrewLounge PILOTLOG are listed in this blog. It’s worth reading the article !

How do you guarantee that I will not be charged again for future updates ?

We are changing our business model from one-time payments to a subscription-based revenues. This is a major decision, after being in service for 10 years. Once on subscriptions, we cannot change to another payment model, so there will be no reason to charge again.

We have received a number of complaints from pilots that are upset. We certainly understand the frustrations, as we ask for a contribution to migrate your lifetime license. However, the contribution is less then what you pay for a 1 year subscription with the competition! We believe this is very reasonable, given the 10 years service in the past and the many years still to come.

The new business model guarantees the long term existence of your logbook. And that’s what we both have in common!

How can I grandfather my license from mccPILOTLOG to CrewLounge PILOTLOG ?

Thank you for choosing CrewLounge PILOTLOG. You’re most welcome to enjoy our grandfathering program ! To transfer your lifetime license from mccPILOTLOG to CrewLounge PILOTLOG, follow these 3 simple steps :

1) Create your new account for CrewLounge AERO :

– use a single-account for all apps, like CONNECT, PILOTLOG, BLUE, etc
– registration is free – Register here

2) Purchase a 3-year license for CrewLounge PILOTLOG :

– if you purchased your license in 2019, then you need to pay only 1 year here
– choose the Edition (PRO / ENT / ENT+) of your choice, regardless of what Edition that you had with mccPILOTLOG !
– you get another 10% immediate discount (on 3 year orders) – Order here

3) From the mccPILOTLOG logbook software, press the Transfer My License button :

– only available from the desktop software
– you must first proceed with steps 1 and 2 here above

To transfer your database from mccPILOTLOG to CrewLounge AERO, continue with this solution article.

How do I transfer my database from mccPILOTLOG to CrewLounge PILOTLOG ?

This FAQ page covers commercial questions only. Technical questions are covered in the online solutions knowledge base.

Continue with this solution article.